Ealing #SushiSeries

As part of my quest to find the best of the best in Ealing, I have widened my net to include Sushi

I have already written about Okawari (Turning Japanese post here) for my #SushiSeries and having received a few recommendations from the Twitterati, I just had to give Sumo Sushi a go.

For those that frequent the Ealing Farmers Market, you will have walked past Sumo Sushi as they are tucked away off the Uxbridge road in West Ealing on Leeland Rd, the site of our fabulous Saturday morning market.

Having seen their restaurant a few times, I must confess I haven't been into it as they deliver. 

Sumo Sushi deliver fresh, delicious, hand made sushi to your HOUSE!

For those London based readers, you will think - "yeh so what?, sushi delivered to your house, big deal!", but for those of you out of the big smoke I think you'll agree that this is pretty cool (and coming from the Midlands, this is most certainly not something readily available).

So, having the exciting combo of someone delivering sushi to my house and having by best friend staying before she jets off home to Mauritius, I made an effort with place mats and bone china chopsticks (something I certainly never do if we're having a normal Chinese delivery).

The general excitement I felt most definitely translated into how much we ordered. It was a tad excessive (beaten by a hand roll) but we had a flipping good go!

Oh and top tip, there is absolutely no need to worry about them giving you enough soy!

The aftermath...........

Being quite a twitter-addict I also loved how Sumo Sushi keep you updated with what's going on with your order..............tweet when it hit the wok but unfortunately no geisha!

In terms of a review, the food was excellent and much better than Okawari, plus I also liked the effort they go to. Our first order (which you do via their website) came with a 10% discount and having had it again since my first experience, they also add a little something new for you to try.

Last time we had some chilli squid (which was unreal!) and I can't wait to see what we get next time.

Safe to say this is top of the pops in my #SushiSeries, but I'm still on the hunt for more candidates.

So, it's Friday and I want somewhere to go this weekend - who should I try next?


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