Monday, 28 July 2014

Manicure Monday

At the risk of sounding sexist, I think this is one for the lads, look away now

Since I live in London, you would think that I would be spoilt for choice when it comes to a good place to get a decent and reasonably priced manicure?

To put it bluntly, you would be wrong.

I have lost count of the places I've been to that have ripped me off, done a 'gel' manicure that has come off in 2 days (having been advertised as a 2 week manicure) and (in one case) damaged my nails.

So, it gives me great relief to say that my search is over, and I have found the best place, right here in Ealing!

Bhavi Beauty are a relatively new salon in Ealing Broadway shopping centre (their entrance is in the covered bit opposite the back of M&S) and I have been there about 5 or 6 times now.

Every time I've either had a mani or a pedi - always gels - and every time I have walked away happy and with fabulous nails.

I wanted to share them with you as the quality is truly excellent and the prices are amazing - £30 to do gels on my hands and feet is the best price when I had been paying that for just my hands in Westfield.

There is always a good vibe to the place - the only problems are you have to try not to stare at the people having their eyebrows threaded (they are AMAZING at this too) and the massage chair is a bit overzealous for my liking, but if you're tougher than I am I'm sure it is effective even if it isn't very relaxing.

Lets face it, those aren't really problems are they?

Anyway, if you live in Ealing and want your nails done - give them a go!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mid-Week Mid-Summer Flashback

Lucky for us, the nights aren't drawing in just yet, but we have passed through the midsummer point.

Here in Ealing, we had a little celebration on Ealing Green and although it was a few weeks ago now, I wanted to show you a few pics - mainly because I need you to see the biggest hot dog I've ever eaten in my life!

And here it is.........what a whopper!

Giant hot-dogs aside, there was a lot of fun with more food stalls, activities for kids, music, a bar and (my personal favourite) iced coffee.

And to think I only stumbled across this on my way home!

One of the things I love about Ealing is that there are always things going on and boy have we got a lot happening at the moment!

The Summer Festival season has started in Walpole Park (which is looking rather flash!) and, just announced, we have our fantastic roof top cinema coming back in August.

You'll be please to know I have tickets for both of these so will be reporting back in a more timely manner than of late.

If think any of the above sound like your cup of tea you can check out what's happening below:

Ealing Summer Festivals

Rooftop Society

PS, talking of tea - I'm now a convert to home-made iced tea, I have a fab recipe that I might share if the heat wave kicks in x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blues in the park

Being from Birmingham,"Blues" means a generally disappointing football team, but not so in Walpole Park - it means a pinch of ass moving funk, a sprinkle of moody lyrics and a big old glug of getting your groove on!

I'm almost ashamed to say that we had been debating whether to go  with the forecast being all stormy (so didn't really fancy either getting wet or being in a tent if lightening struck), but miraculously the bad weather swerved W5 and we got our party on.

not sure that counts as a parking permit??
 You could only get tickets on the door, so after a very short time queuing we paid up (£5 per person) and headed into the Blues Festival.

Team pink ready to get our blues on

One of many festivals that Ealing has seen in Walpole this summer, this was my first taste of the Blues one and the first thing that struck me was how diverse the audience was.

There were kiddies doing cartwheels, babies sleeping in prams, older people napping in the music tents (no idea how the last two managed that!) and all the people in the middle chilling out or having a boogie.

Loving the Ealing Club t-shirt
Having swung by the main bar tent via the Pimms tent for me we headed to the South Stage, caught the last bit of Mack and relaxed on the grass.

Pimms on tap - I need this in my kitchen!

After a fair bit of relaxing (and a few more Pimms) Big Boy Bloater and the Limits came on and rocked (or should it be Bluesed?) the tent. As with the rest of the festival, there was an amazing vibe with a mix of ages having fun - the only thing I found a bit weird was that there were so many people sat down. I'm not talking about those on their camping chairs at the back of the tent, I'm talking about able bodied people parking their bum on the floor right near the front! Bit odd, but they soon moved as they were outnumbered by the dancing masses.

In need of some fresh air, we strolled over to the main stage for a bit of Devil Drives (nah, me either) taking in the impressive range of snacks available and swinging by the lovely Pimms lady one more time (with one of our friends being a bit too cordinated with the table cloth!).

Overall I'm so glad we went AND it's still on, right now, so if yo head to Walpole you've got about another 5 hours to enjoy.

Future festivals can be found here - see you next weekend for some Jazz?

Friday, 18 July 2014

eal - LOL - ing

Please excuse my terrible post title - it seemed funny when I thought of it at the end of a gin-fueled evening

Anyway, some of you might remember a month or so ago when I wrote about vising The Drayton Arms (POST HERE!) - well a few weeks ago, we went back and experienced our first No 5 Club Comedy night.

We were stationed downstairs at The Drayton and I have to say how rather grand the room is - I can see now why people have their wedding receptions there (although my heart still belongs to Kew Gardens) - I tried to take a pic of their fancy chandelier but my iPhone wasn't up to it.

We got hand stamped (in a previously life, the sign of a very different kind of night out!), got some drinks from the bar (most conveniently right behind us) and settled in our seats to enjoy the gig. 

Unsurprisingly - him with beer, me with gin.

The premise of the night was for the comedians on the bill to take us through a pre-Edinburgh set - which basically meant they were still trying out what sounded funny as an inner monologue vs. what was actually funny.

Luckily for us, both Lucy Porter and Richard Herring were brilliant.

Lucy Porter was fab, she got straight into her 'Me Time' show by saying how much she hated football (winning the heart of most women in the audience) and then said the word 'tits' to convert the testosterone based audience members. With all of us on-side she took us on a journey through annoying friends, how posh Ealing is and we ended up listening to cassettes on a Russian school trip - amazing! 

Also, she actually thinks Ealing is posh - look here's the tweet to prove it!

Then came Richard Herring - he's been one of my favourites ever since his Lee & Herring days. It was so fascinating to see him stress testing the new work - some of it was met with a mild snigger and the rest with big, belly laughs.

It was such a good night and a brilliant way to blow the cobwebs of the week (and all the work sh*t that comes with it), so we will most certainly be heading down to Phil Zimmerman's No 5 Comedy Club again.

The next big night is on 15th August - it is being billed as a 'Secret Gig' but when you go through to the ticketing website it does list Lee Nelson as the act, so not really that much of a secret..........if I have whetted your appetite for a bloody good night out, you can buy tickets HERE

A giggle does you good!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tardy Blogger

I am hanging my head in shame, I have woefully neglected you....

Sorry about that, but my "not Ealing" life has got in the way - how rude of it!

Anyway, I'm back and to say soz here's a strawberry from my garden - didn't quite stretch to a fruit salad, but sharing it with my green fingered other half was a sweet, if short-lived, moment of achievement.

Anyway, I am back (hurrah I hear you cry!) and have a few Ealing updates for you to share before the summer of fun kicks keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for some posts showing that I didn't drop off the face of the earth over the last month : )