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Oodle, Doodle, Kaboodle(s)

Before I go into telling you about the fab shop Kaboodles, I have to get something completely unrelated out of my system,

When I was a child I was obsessed by a TV ad for Heinz Noodle Doodles and used to sing the song a lot (actually I still do, but don't judge me), anyway whenever I think of Kaboodles, the Noodle Doodle song always pops into my head - so here it is just so we're all starting from the same place. (By the way, if the video below doesn't show on your platform then youtube "Noodle Doodle" and you'll get what I mean)

Right, back in the room.
Kaboodles is a new(ish) shop in Ealing on St Mary's Road (next door to Munsons). In my time it has been errrr Munsons and most recently a Frozen Yoghurt shop. Now I love FroYo so was really sad to see that shop close, however my loss was also my gain as it has been replaced with a new favourite in Kaboodles.
I had a serious mooch around the shop (NB this was during a bimble) and after a few mins of drooling o…

Pictures speak louder than....

I had such a lovely time the other day wandering around Ealing, I wanted to share a few pics of some of my favourite places (and future blog subjects).

Looking back at these pics there is a serious lack of pubs - I blame my monstrous hangover on this - however there will be lots of future posts about Ealing pubs (especially my personal fav, the Red Lion)

Where are your favourite places to go? Tell me what I'm missing!!

Bimbling in Northfields

A week or two ago I introduced you all to the term ‘bimbling’.
If you weren’t paying attention (naughty), bimbling is a term often used by my family to describe a generally aimless wander that inevitably results in one of the following: coffee & cake, buying gorgeous things or lunch with wine.
On a really good day, we do all of the above……who am I kidding, we usually do all of the above (especially the wine part!).
Anyway, the other day, we embarked on a gentle bimble with a foodie destination in mind and stumbled across a little path that looked too intriguing not to walk down.
This path is called Radbourne Walk and it runs from Mattock Lane down to Occupation Rd along the back of the allotments next to Northfields Ave.
It looks like there’s some conservation work going on at the moment via The Ealing Dean Allotment Society which is so encouraging to see (if you fancy helping out, contact, but as it was the first sunny day for a long time I thought it looke…

Hump Day musings - my weekend flash back

It's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing.......hump day

Hump day is the time of the week when, past midday, you're technically on a slide down to Friday night and the start of the weekend.

I LOVE the weekend, especially an Ealing Weekend, so today's post is a little trip down Barnes Pikle, I mean memory lane, to last Saturday.

We had my best friend to stay, she lives in Mauritius so found the beautiful, crisp and sunny weather FREEZING. 

Through the combination of needing to warm up and being excited at the prospect of breakfast she leap frogged her way all the way to our brekkie destination

Our destination of choice was Bills - part of an established chain of restaurants, but pretty new to Ealing.

We had popped into Bills during their first week and the service did show a few teething problems, but I had every confidence that they were nothing serious and wasn't disappointed.

We had all imbibed the night before (damn you Osterio Del Portico and your Prosecco) so were to…