Hump Day musings - my weekend flash back

It's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing.......hump day

Hump day is the time of the week when, past midday, you're technically on a slide down to Friday night and the start of the weekend.

I LOVE the weekend, especially an Ealing Weekend, so today's post is a little trip down Barnes Pikle, I mean memory lane, to last Saturday.

If you're an Ealing insider you'll know Barnes Pikle, but how do you say it? Pickle? Pikle?

We had my best friend to stay, she lives in Mauritius so found the beautiful, crisp and sunny weather FREEZING. 

Through the combination of needing to warm up and being excited at the prospect of breakfast she leap frogged her way all the way to our brekkie destination

Our destination of choice was Bills - part of an established chain of restaurants, but pretty new to Ealing.

We had popped into Bills during their first week and the service did show a few teething problems, but I had every confidence that they were nothing serious and wasn't disappointed.

We had all imbibed the night before (damn you Osterio Del Portico and your Prosecco) so were totally hank marvin' and the prompt service at Bills was the perfect remedy.

We ordered a range of dishes from full English to bubble and squeak with hollandaise and they were all fab.

Needless to say this was all inhaled in a matter of minutes! 

We bid a satisfied retreat, with our friends jetting off to go skiing and the rest of us retreating to the less energetic destination of the sofa. 

So, what are you all planning for the weekend?


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