Thursday, 12 June 2014

#EalingFeeling - loving The Drayton

First things first. The Drayton Court  is massive.

It is a behemoth of a place.

It's a pub, it's a restaurant, it is a childs play area, it is a hotel and it is one of London's best comedy venues.

Being so multifaceted could result in a confused and disorderly experience, but for whatever reason (think the new refurb helps) it totally works.

We went for the pub / dining bit of what they offer and had a mixture of drinks and some pub grub.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter me on twitter you will know I am partial to a glass of fizz (and generally I'm not fussy - as long as it is dry, sparkling and alcoholic I'm happy), so a real test of how much I like a pub is if they serve something like prosecco by the glass and HURRAH they do!

Obviously it isn't just about me (FYI, it is), so there has to be something on offer for him too. 

As it is a Fullers pub, it wasn't too taxing to find something to keep him quiet.

We checked out the menu, pretty standard pub offerings but it did have a specials menu and you got the impression at least that the food was fresh - to be fair, we didn't order anything that really gave them the opportunity to impress with the freshness so next time I will put this to the test.

While we were waiting for the food I had a bit of a wonder around and the building is pretty spectacular - they have recently had a facelift and the results are impressive. There are more formal areas as well as the spruced up (very large) gardens along with a homely feel - overall very good vibes.

I took some pics but they're a bit crap and don't do the place justice, however they should give you a flavour (marble stairs anyone?)

This will most certainly be a sunshine destination for me this summer as the garden is so vast - apparently it is the biggest beer garden in London? Also the pub grub we had was pretty good too - he had the Pie of the Day, Steak & Kidney and I had the Jerk Chicken burger.

The pie was a bit of a mush on the plate, but tasted spot on, and the jerk didn't have any kick to it, but was flavoured well. Not a threat to the top of the burger league table but good value for money.

What I am really excited about though is the bit downstairs.

They have a function area downstairs that it home to many public and private events, but the one I'm really excited about is the No 5 Club - as comedy nights goes, it is up there with the best in the UK.

I've added the link to their site above so you can see what's on, but I will save my review until we've been to the Richard Herring / Lucy Porter double bill on 27th June which I'm really looking forward to.

It's places like this that prove what an important area Ealing is while also making me feel totally smug and happy that I live here!

Have you got the #EalingFeeling?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunny Syon

As you know, I venture out of my lovely Ealing stomping ground sometimes and wander down to the Thames.

Having shown you a few favourite spots, today's post shows you another fav......Syon Park & Old Isleworth, on t'other side of the water.

Terribly pretty with beautiful flowers, landscaping and architecture.

Slight shame about the monstrous planes that take the edge off the tranquility, but once you get to The London Apprentice a cold drink seems to take the edge off.......funny that!

After strolling (not a bimble as had no wine) we snuck into the garden centre (how rock'n'roll!!) where I got distracted by the purdee flowers

Heavenly sunshine chilling, even if I didn't get an ice cream!

Hope you've all had sunny Sunday fun


Friday, 6 June 2014

Ealing #SushiSeries

As part of my quest to find the best of the best in Ealing, I have widened my net to include Sushi

I have already written about Okawari (Turning Japanese post here) for my #SushiSeries and having received a few recommendations from the Twitterati, I just had to give Sumo Sushi a go.

For those that frequent the Ealing Farmers Market, you will have walked past Sumo Sushi as they are tucked away off the Uxbridge road in West Ealing on Leeland Rd, the site of our fabulous Saturday morning market.

Having seen their restaurant a few times, I must confess I haven't been into it as they deliver. 

Sumo Sushi deliver fresh, delicious, hand made sushi to your HOUSE!

For those London based readers, you will think - "yeh so what?, sushi delivered to your house, big deal!", but for those of you out of the big smoke I think you'll agree that this is pretty cool (and coming from the Midlands, this is most certainly not something readily available).

So, having the exciting combo of someone delivering sushi to my house and having by best friend staying before she jets off home to Mauritius, I made an effort with place mats and bone china chopsticks (something I certainly never do if we're having a normal Chinese delivery).

The general excitement I felt most definitely translated into how much we ordered. It was a tad excessive (beaten by a hand roll) but we had a flipping good go!

Oh and top tip, there is absolutely no need to worry about them giving you enough soy!

The aftermath...........

Being quite a twitter-addict I also loved how Sumo Sushi keep you updated with what's going on with your order..............tweet when it hit the wok but unfortunately no geisha!

In terms of a review, the food was excellent and much better than Okawari, plus I also liked the effort they go to. Our first order (which you do via their website) came with a 10% discount and having had it again since my first experience, they also add a little something new for you to try.

Last time we had some chilli squid (which was unreal!) and I can't wait to see what we get next time.

Safe to say this is top of the pops in my #SushiSeries, but I'm still on the hunt for more candidates.

So, it's Friday and I want somewhere to go this weekend - who should I try next?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Best burger in Ealing?

I think you're all quite familiar now with my penchant for food and drink.

(This blog would be pretty much all pictures of candles from Kaboodles otherwise)

However, since I've started doing this I have realised that I don't have a taste for ANY food and drink, I've started searching for the best our area has to offer.

I appreciate that this could be opening a whole can of worms as everyone has their own favourites, but if you've ever spoken to me on Twitter (@RevealingEaling) you will know that I am not shy and welcome a healthy debate!

Anyway, back to this post - I think I have had the best burger Ealing has to offer (meat-free crew look away now) and I wanted to let you know about it.

I went to Maggies with my usual partner in crime and a friend who had surprised us (hi Blain!). I was looking for something quickish, but fabulous (so that our guest left with a good impression of Ealing) and Maggie's immediately sprung to mind.

I've had a lot of good experiences here since they opened so I knew they wouldn't let us down.

From Sunday to Tuesday, post 5pm, they have 'Unbelieve-a-burger' which is BOGOF on their lovely burgers.

Now, there were three of us which did leave us with a quandary. Do we just have one each OR do we order a fourth.............I think you can guess what we did (it was free after all!!)

As they didn't have any chicken left (it was quite late in the day) we had a full on red meat fest. All of us had a beef burger (steak mince) cooked medium rare and then shared the lamb burger 'no jacket required' which means you get all the filling with a salad instead of the bun.

We MIGHT have had a cocktail as pud and then left feeling pretty smug that Maggie's is at the end of the road.

So, back to the challenge - is this the best burger in Ealing? Where does it better and why?

Needless to say the quest continues...................

As it is Tuesday, it isn't too late to get your 2-4-1 Unbelieve-a-burger

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Thames-ing it up

Every now and again I risk separation anxiety and leave the leafy, wonderful haven of Ealing explore further afield.

Being West of London, we are best placed to make an escape if you want to go up north, keep going West or head down to the South East (I won't turn into a travel bore, but we have very close access to London's major train stations as well as the main roads out - M1, M40 and M4).

Anyway, as important as it is to escape every now and again, whilst we wanted a day adventure, we only wanted a little one so went on down to the Thames Path.

A few weeks ago I showed you a great circular route starting from Kew Bridge, heading East to Chiswick Bridge and back again (Bank Hol Bimble) which is a favourite of ours, but this time we wanted to head the other way and hit up Richmond.

We started off with the obligatory coffee (frappe as it was scorchio) at the lovely Munsons and then headed off on foot, down through Gunnersbury Park and straight over Kew Bridge to be suddenly transported into the countryside!

What follows now is a picture story of how bloody beautiful the thames path is.........can you spot the heron? 

And yes, we did have to get an ice cream, when there's a van there and it's sunny, I think it is rather rude not to!

It is just over 2 miles from Kew Bridge to Richmond and about the same from Ealing to Kew on foot, so it is a comfortable distance with plenty to keep you interested (the miles also totally justify any treat you happen to pick up on the way!).

Once we got to Richmond we chilled by the Thames in the sunshine and pondered over where to go for dinner.

While we were pondering, we sniffed out someone having a BBQ and it was game over.

Richmond's fine restaurants loss was Sainsbury's gain as we scooped up BBQ goodies and hit the Number 65 bus home (NB this is a good way of getting to Richmond if the day isn't as conducive to walking).

Another successful bimble!

What have you been doing to make the most of the sunshine?