Best burger in Ealing?

I think you're all quite familiar now with my penchant for food and drink.

(This blog would be pretty much all pictures of candles from Kaboodles otherwise)

However, since I've started doing this I have realised that I don't have a taste for ANY food and drink, I've started searching for the best our area has to offer.

I appreciate that this could be opening a whole can of worms as everyone has their own favourites, but if you've ever spoken to me on Twitter (@RevealingEaling) you will know that I am not shy and welcome a healthy debate!

Anyway, back to this post - I think I have had the best burger Ealing has to offer (meat-free crew look away now) and I wanted to let you know about it.

I went to Maggies with my usual partner in crime and a friend who had surprised us (hi Blain!). I was looking for something quickish, but fabulous (so that our guest left with a good impression of Ealing) and Maggie's immediately sprung to mind.

I've had a lot of good experiences here since they opened so I knew they wouldn't let us down.

From Sunday to Tuesday, post 5pm, they have 'Unbelieve-a-burger' which is BOGOF on their lovely burgers.

Now, there were three of us which did leave us with a quandary. Do we just have one each OR do we order a fourth.............I think you can guess what we did (it was free after all!!)

As they didn't have any chicken left (it was quite late in the day) we had a full on red meat fest. All of us had a beef burger (steak mince) cooked medium rare and then shared the lamb burger 'no jacket required' which means you get all the filling with a salad instead of the bun.

We MIGHT have had a cocktail as pud and then left feeling pretty smug that Maggie's is at the end of the road.

So, back to the challenge - is this the best burger in Ealing? Where does it better and why?

Needless to say the quest continues...................

As it is Tuesday, it isn't too late to get your 2-4-1 Unbelieve-a-burger


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