This morning I had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at Soane's Kitchen, the new-ish restaurant, cafe, cocktail spot located in our beloved Walpole Park. Despite quite a few dinners there, this was my first brunch and it was rather excellent!

As someone in their 8th month of pregnancy, I naturally avoided the bottomless Prosecco option (additional £20 for 2 hours) but compensated by having extra bacon (it's allowed!). 

The shakshuka was really good, very fresh with lots of seasoning and perfect poached eggs - I also had a flat white, pineapple juice (much to the terror of my companion who was convinced I'd go into labour immediately) and sourdough toast.

Additionally, we picked up a few cakes - initially intended for later on this afternoon, that actually got eaten with tea as soon as we returned from our walk around the park. 

So good to have another strong brunch option in Ealing and I cannot wait for Pitzhanger Manor to reopen next door with the utterly brilliant Anish Kapoor as the first exhibition - Ealing, we are being spoilt (just nobody mention the cinema.........)



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