Thames-ing it up

Every now and again I risk separation anxiety and leave the leafy, wonderful haven of Ealing explore further afield.

Being West of London, we are best placed to make an escape if you want to go up north, keep going West or head down to the South East (I won't turn into a travel bore, but we have very close access to London's major train stations as well as the main roads out - M1, M40 and M4).

Anyway, as important as it is to escape every now and again, whilst we wanted a day adventure, we only wanted a little one so went on down to the Thames Path.

A few weeks ago I showed you a great circular route starting from Kew Bridge, heading East to Chiswick Bridge and back again (Bank Hol Bimble) which is a favourite of ours, but this time we wanted to head the other way and hit up Richmond.

We started off with the obligatory coffee (frappe as it was scorchio) at the lovely Munsons and then headed off on foot, down through Gunnersbury Park and straight over Kew Bridge to be suddenly transported into the countryside!

What follows now is a picture story of how bloody beautiful the thames path is.........can you spot the heron? 

And yes, we did have to get an ice cream, when there's a van there and it's sunny, I think it is rather rude not to!

It is just over 2 miles from Kew Bridge to Richmond and about the same from Ealing to Kew on foot, so it is a comfortable distance with plenty to keep you interested (the miles also totally justify any treat you happen to pick up on the way!).

Once we got to Richmond we chilled by the Thames in the sunshine and pondered over where to go for dinner.

While we were pondering, we sniffed out someone having a BBQ and it was game over.

Richmond's fine restaurants loss was Sainsbury's gain as we scooped up BBQ goodies and hit the Number 65 bus home (NB this is a good way of getting to Richmond if the day isn't as conducive to walking).

Another successful bimble!

What have you been doing to make the most of the sunshine?


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