Mid-Week Mid-Summer Flashback

Lucky for us, the nights aren't drawing in just yet, but we have passed through the midsummer point.

Here in Ealing, we had a little celebration on Ealing Green and although it was a few weeks ago now, I wanted to show you a few pics - mainly because I need you to see the biggest hot dog I've ever eaten in my life!

And here it is.........what a whopper!

Giant hot-dogs aside, there was a lot of fun with more food stalls, activities for kids, music, a bar and (my personal favourite) iced coffee.

And to think I only stumbled across this on my way home!

One of the things I love about Ealing is that there are always things going on and boy have we got a lot happening at the moment!

The Summer Festival season has started in Walpole Park (which is looking rather flash!) and, just announced, we have our fantastic roof top cinema coming back in August.

You'll be please to know I have tickets for both of these so will be reporting back in a more timely manner than of late.

If think any of the above sound like your cup of tea you can check out what's happening below:

Ealing Summer Festivals

Rooftop Society

PS, talking of tea - I'm now a convert to home-made iced tea, I have a fab recipe that I might share if the heat wave kicks in x


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