Blues in the park

Being from Birmingham,"Blues" means a generally disappointing football team, but not so in Walpole Park - it means a pinch of ass moving funk, a sprinkle of moody lyrics and a big old glug of getting your groove on!

I'm almost ashamed to say that we had been debating whether to go  with the forecast being all stormy (so didn't really fancy either getting wet or being in a tent if lightening struck), but miraculously the bad weather swerved W5 and we got our party on.

not sure that counts as a parking permit??
 You could only get tickets on the door, so after a very short time queuing we paid up (£5 per person) and headed into the Blues Festival.

Team pink ready to get our blues on

One of many festivals that Ealing has seen in Walpole this summer, this was my first taste of the Blues one and the first thing that struck me was how diverse the audience was.

There were kiddies doing cartwheels, babies sleeping in prams, older people napping in the music tents (no idea how the last two managed that!) and all the people in the middle chilling out or having a boogie.

Loving the Ealing Club t-shirt
Having swung by the main bar tent via the Pimms tent for me we headed to the South Stage, caught the last bit of Mack and relaxed on the grass.

Pimms on tap - I need this in my kitchen!

After a fair bit of relaxing (and a few more Pimms) Big Boy Bloater and the Limits came on and rocked (or should it be Bluesed?) the tent. As with the rest of the festival, there was an amazing vibe with a mix of ages having fun - the only thing I found a bit weird was that there were so many people sat down. I'm not talking about those on their camping chairs at the back of the tent, I'm talking about able bodied people parking their bum on the floor right near the front! Bit odd, but they soon moved as they were outnumbered by the dancing masses.

In need of some fresh air, we strolled over to the main stage for a bit of Devil Drives (nah, me either) taking in the impressive range of snacks available and swinging by the lovely Pimms lady one more time (with one of our friends being a bit too cordinated with the table cloth!).

Overall I'm so glad we went AND it's still on, right now, so if yo head to Walpole you've got about another 5 hours to enjoy.

Future festivals can be found here - see you next weekend for some Jazz?


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