Turning Japanese...

I adore Japanese food. 

It's (mostly) very healthy

It's quick (I'm pretty impatient) 


It's OK to order a load of different things (I'm also pretty indecisive)

I also happen to be lucky enough to live in Ealing, a Borough with a well established Japanese community..............I think you can see where this post is going?

Hello Kitty!

On Bond Street there are quite a few good restaurants as well as a few chain staples (Nandos and Pizza Express anyone) but my fav is indi definitely Okawari.

When you go in there's the chef work station to the left with all the gorgeous fresh fish lined up to pick from, the obligatory lucky cat and then the seating.

Now, this isn't new or especially novelty, but I do like the quirkiness of sitting sort of in the floor, it makes the whole experience that little bit different and provides a good deal of amusement when you try to get up elegantly after a few too many sake!

Foodwise, we had a pretty standard selection of sushi, sashimi and gyoza washed down with a couple of beers and some warm sake 

(in this instance 'some' means 'a lot' - hence the getting up challenge once we'd paid the bill).

There are so many other sushi places in Ealing I'd love to get some suggestions from you for where else is good to go?


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