The Wright Brothers - Oysters with Sophie

Last week one of my best friends had a birthday and, always the fan of stretching birthday celebrations out as long as possible, I suggested that we went for dinner the week after her party so she had another treat to look forward to.

As I was at a work thing at Vineopolis (yes there was wine, yes it was free, yes I did drink too much) I suggested we meet up in Borough - one of my fav parts of London and my old work stomping ground - and go to The Wright Brothers for dinner. 

The Wright Brothers in Borough is one of 4 Wright Brothers in England - 3 in London (Spitalfields, Borough - Oyster & Porter House & Soho - Fish & Seafood with an Asian twist) and 1 in sunny Cornwall.

Ain't that the truth!
Now, if any of my lovely readers are familiar with how nights out with Sophie go, you'll know that there's always lots of chat (don't ask what about, I can't remember), yummy food and LOTS of wine.

This standard, combined with my work do going well into the evening meant that we were a little bit late for our table (sorry Wright Brothers!) but were soon seated at the bar to peruse the giant menu.

Having studiously looked at the board we decided to skip the starters and go straight for the Grand Fruits de Mer -  no messin'

I must have been drunk to willingly eat that!
 So the whole plate got demolished accompanied by a fantastic white Bergerac - heaven - plus there was the added bonus that neither of us fell of our stools.........winning.

You can follow The Wright Brothers on Twitter HERE or interact with them in a more delicious way HERE by booking yourself a table!

Needless to say, Soph and I rejoined the party and had a few more wines - Thirsty Thursday happened, followed by a Frazzeled Friday.

Funnily enough I have recovered sufficiently to go out again tonight - what are all your plans? I'd love to hear them @RevealingEaling


  1. Love the Wright Brothers, though my newest discovery is Rex and Mariano, which also serves incredible seafood and fish - it's in Soho, you should check it out :)

    Rosie xx


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