The Goode Stuff - Notting Hill

Hello lovely readers

I have missed you!

I've been seriously off the radar for a few months (bad blogger) but I've been majorly distracted by planning my wedding to Mr Rev. Wow planning a wedding is a full time job! Plus, lets not forget, I do also have a full time job, and there was Christmas, and there was the flu, then there's been dry January............look I've been busy OK! But fear not, I've still been capturing lovely things to write about so I can share some new reveals with you.

My first reveal isn't a new spot and it has been written about by other bloggers like The Motley Spicer who had a stonking dinner there & the beautiful Londoner who waxed lyrical about their brunch. Today's reveal is Goode and Wright an amazing bistro down Portabello

(as an aside, the night I went to G&W Rosie from The Londoner was in there with her family - who were all wildly familiar as I'm an avid reader of her blog - I wanted to introduce myself in a super cool way but ended up meeting her brother after I'd dropped my phone in the toilet........yep, super cool....)

Anyway, back to Goode & Wright.

I had heard a lot of good things about them and with my old university friend (also a bridesmaid) coming to visit from Leeds I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.

The restaurant itself is down the hill from Notting Hill Gate at the bottom (flat bit) of Portabello so after a stroll around 'The Hill' and a few pub stops we found G&W and ventured in.

They have changed the menu a bit since I visited and I must make a small apology for the quality of my iphone photos, but hopefully these food photos will whet your appetite sufficiently to give them a go.

delish bread with butter, sea salt and saffron

something gorgeous with ice cream and bacon bits - SO GOOD!!!!!

Fois Gras (je pense)

delicately flavoured fish with some PHAT chips & truffle and caper mayo

buttermilk chicken schnitzel

naughty kale

le fin.
Goode & Wright are just on our doorstep if you take a quick hop and a jump on the Central line from Ealing and more than worth the little trip.

As a bistro it is perfect for most occasions - romantic meal, family catch up or a well earned meal with an old friend (obviously not THAT old!!). Also they were genuinely lovely - when I dropped my phone in the loo they gave me a box of risotto rice to help dry it out (very west London!) and we had a good natter with them at the end of the night when they were winding down.

I am excited about trying their brunch offering and would love to hear about your experiences if you've been or go in the future!

They're ALL Goode.......


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