Street Food comes to Ealing Broadway TODAY!!

Today is a big day for Ealing

After the launch of cool cocktail joints, the opening of restaurants normally found in Soho and the second summer of the roof top cinema, we've finally got the last piece of the 'Ealing is bloody cool actually' puzzle.

We have STREET FOOD!!!

Launching today is Eat Me Drink Me - a weekly street food festival hosted in our very own Ealing Broadway shopping centre which will see an array of food trucks serving delicious things usually only found East of the city.

Eat Me Drink Me are a collective of food, drink and event experts and I spoke to the lovely Kate McKenzie (mega article about her here) who is part of the collective and a fellow Ealing resident.

She told me all about the line up we've got to look forward to including Pulled - delish pulled meats - Grilled cheese (umm think you can work that one out for yourselves), Route 66 (Mexican, ariba!), The Joint (a favourite of Tom Kerridge) and Korrito (named a top 10 food truck by C N Traveller).

I for one am delighted about this as it is a brilliant reflection of how Ealing is on the map and it can only encourage more visitors and residents to our lovely corner of London.

Also, and more importantly, the food looks awesome!

So make sure you check it out and let me know how you get on.

The street food will be running until 17th April and - apart from a few - is on every Friday so check out the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre website to make sure you don't miss out.

All pics thanks to Eat Me Drink Me


  1. Er, WOW! Did not know about this!! Oh why do I have work on Fridays!! I think they should extend it to Saturdays too...

    Rosie xx

    1. I'm so pleased, feel like Ealing just keeps getting better and better!! We should bunk off one Friday and have a meet up!!


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