Ealing Sunday Lunch League - THE GROVE

First up in my ESSL is The Grove, a pub known for its good quality food offering, comfy but eclectic decor and prosecco by the glass (big tick already!).

As this post is about the Sunday Lunch and not about the pub as such, I will save my critique of the place for another time and go straight in on the lunch.

What follows are key food photos and then our verdict of how The Grove performed against my judging criteria.

Bloody Mary station
The Mulbs always gets his own chair

The money shot

Was it something I said?

Food photos out the way, here's how they did:

Beef was Dexters but no clear provenance of anything else

    • SERVICE 6/10
'OK' - gave us the wrong condiments (they are meant to bring horseradish and mustard but we got mayo and ketchup) but fine apart from that.

    • APPEARANCE 7/10
See photos 

    • TASTE 7/10
Meat was quite chewy but this might have been because we asked for rare and the yorkshire tasted like it had been sat around for a while, but veg and gravy were nice

    • VALUE 7/10
£14.50 - you get a lot for your money but I think I could get it cheaper and potentially tastier somewhere else

    • SUNDAY VIBE 9/10
This is the real selling point for me, the pub was really chilled with Ella-esque tunes in the background. Also, the variety of seating means you can be more social or hide away in a corner like we did

Love that you get to choose how your beef comes and the atmosphere was great but the food was not perfect so they get 7/10 overall.

If you have any local favourites please let me know and I will add them to the list!



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