Walpole Park - what's the problem?

It has taken me a long time to get to this post. 

Not because Walpole still has bits to be opened / completed, but because I've been doing a few straw polls to try and get to the bottom of what people think about the revitalised Walpole Park.

While the majority of people are impressed with the way the Heritage Lottery investment is being spent, some people are being incredibly negative about it (someone on Facebook even referring to the whole park as 'crap') with the main (but not only!) bone of contention being the new gravel inhibiting kiddies on scooters.

Having written a really long post about this, I've deleted it and decided to not bother as we all have our opinions and I cannot be doing with people moaning at me, instead I will say 3 things:

1) I LOVE the park! I feel very lucky to have this and the other green spaces so close to where I live - it keeps me sane!

2) I believe the excess gravel will be swept away and removed once it has bedded into the layer beneath it. Therefore I suggest the scooter massive go to Lammas and those with prams etc just wait a bit longer before they have an easier surface to contend with. 

3) I have some photos of the new bits and some of the old bits - have a look and feel happy we live in such a great place 



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