Summer Flashback - Ealing Jazz Festival

The honest truth is, this is a flashback because I had such an awesome summer I totally forgot to write this up!

Way back in July, the fella and I had our parents to stay for a beautiful weekend of BBQ's, revelry. wedding talk and music - with the music being mostly experienced at the Jazz fest.

The weather was scorchio (writing this I have socks and a jumper on *sad face*) and we were all in a jolly good mood, so we had a lovely lovely time. We also had a few drinks, some excellent food and a bit of a boogie.

Before I go into the Jazz - I want to just show you this bottle, the content was yummy (although I was pretty reluctant to share it!) and it was to celebrate 1 year in our home as well as having our folks over to see where we're getting married next year - needless to say it was a pretty good start to the fun!

A couple of bottles later we headed off to the Jazz fest and had a wonderful evening.

We're so lucky to have such amazing parents, they are great fun, always there for us and the best friends we could wish for.

Needless to say, with all the "fun" we had my memory has discarded the details but luckily I have lots of photos - here are a few of my favourites so you can get a sense of the wonderful festival.

Roll on Summer 2015!!


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