Naughty milkshake

I am a big kid at heart.

I'm jealous of the kids that get to play in the new Walpole play area.

I read comics far too far into adulthood.

And I love milkshakes.

So much so that last week, on a grown up night out, we were having one for the road in Maggie's and their milkshake list caught my eye.

They have the classics (Strawb, Chocolate etc), they have some quirky named ones (Musical Youth, Strawberry Fields) and then they offer something that caught my (slightly blurry) eye - they let you add a shot!!

You can see where this is going?

I asked the lovely lady of Maggie's what she would recommend and I got a dream in a glass.

Made of the vanilla milkshake with a whizz of morello cherries and a shot of Amaretto this milkshake was AMAZING!!!!

Needless to say it didn't last long (especially as a certain someone got the taste for it too) so if you are heading to Maggie's tonight I would ask for one of these and say Revealing Ealing sent you!

PS it isn't on the menu so I think they should name it after me : )

PPS I also wondered why, when you have 'mocktails' there isn't a name for the boozy ones? I came up with two options...........The Cockshake OR The Milktail - what do you think?


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