Mid-Week Treat - La Cantina

Wednesday is peak of the week, you've got through the tough bit and now you're into a downward hop, skip and a jump to the weekend.

If you can't quite wait for Friday to come, then you could go out tonight for a sneaky dinner and I've got a little suggestion that won't break the bank.

La Cantina is a little Italian on Bond Street and Monday to Friday they have a fantastic offer, 2 course dinner for £9.95 or 3 courses for £13.95.

The menu is smaller than their a la carte, but has all the classics on there.

We had Bruschetta & Parmigiana to start and then two pizzas for the main course.

The food is simple and good, they have a solid wine list (although no prosecco by the glass - booooo) and service is pretty quick.

Don't get me wrong - this place is not going to set your world on fire, but it is a perfect spot for a good quality and reasonably priced night out.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!



  1. Sounds a good reliable place. We're lucky in Ealing as there are several like this about! It's a wonder I ever cook (wouldn't if the bank manager wasn't soooo boring about such things LOL).

    1. I know! If it wasn't for my bank balance (and waistline!) I would be out most nights - what are your favourites Perdita? (amazing name by the way!) x


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