Friday Night Take-Away

It's Friday afternoon.

Your brain is not in work mode anymore.

You're thinking about going home, having a cold one and probably going for (or ordering) a curry.

Well I might be able to help you out there by sharing one of my favourite places to have a curry in Ealing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Zayka!

I know people are passionate about their curries so there might be some Ealing folk with other favourites, but Zayka has been a constant in our lives since we first moved to Ealing 4 years ago.

Coming from Birmingham (where people worship at the alter of the balti) and having lived off the curry mile in Manchester for 3 years, I like to think I have enough experience to know a good curry when I have one, so trust me when I say that Zayka is worth the trip down St Marys Road (or picking up the phone - 020 8579 7278).

They offer the usual Indian menu but also have a lot of Nepalese dishes that are great to try if you fancy something you probably haven't had before.

As well as giving you something new, they also employed a pretty smooth move that is a sure fire way to my heart.

A complimentary after dinner drink! (his whiskey, mine a slightly softer amaretto).


So, there you have it - this is my recommendation for tonight but I'd love to hear what your plans are?

Happy Friday x


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