Best Pizza in London - Santa Maria

A few weeks ago, me and the boy had a fantastic lunch to celebrate his Birthday at the fabulous Santa Maria. We started the day with a wander through the rather majestic Walpole Park with our favourite pizza place as our destination, on the way we HAD to stop to collect conkers and as it was his b'day, how could I say no?

So having denied some children of a few crackers, we were seated in the back of Santa Maria for a b'day lunch.

I have written about Santa Maria before - YOU CAN REFRESH YOUR MEMORY HERE - and everything I've already said still stands. It's highly regarded, got lots of awards and there's still a huge demand from the Ealing community for their wood fired pizza.

He had one with smoked mozerella (yum) and I had one with lots of proper chillis on (ouch) - we also had wine and finished off with gelato and coffee...........the gelato was technically medicinal due to the chillis.........

Love the passion even on the bill - FYI then don't like Juventus!
We had a wonderful time and then proceeded to enjoy our rare Friday off in the Ealing sunshine - ahhhhhhhhhh you can't beat a sunny day in Ealing.

Now, tomorrow is the start of October, or OctSOBER as some are calling it and while I'm not planning on asking people to sponsor me to not drink I (think it is a bit ridiculous) I am using this as an opportunity to have a little detox, so thought I'd share this post with you before I become a healthy hermit for a month!

See you on the other side!


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