Manicure Monday

At the risk of sounding sexist, I think this is one for the lads, look away now

Since I live in London, you would think that I would be spoilt for choice when it comes to a good place to get a decent and reasonably priced manicure?

To put it bluntly, you would be wrong.

I have lost count of the places I've been to that have ripped me off, done a 'gel' manicure that has come off in 2 days (having been advertised as a 2 week manicure) and (in one case) damaged my nails.

So, it gives me great relief to say that my search is over, and I have found the best place, right here in Ealing!

Bhavi Beauty are a relatively new salon in Ealing Broadway shopping centre (their entrance is in the covered bit opposite the back of M&S) and I have been there about 5 or 6 times now.

Every time I've either had a mani or a pedi - always gels - and every time I have walked away happy and with fabulous nails.

I wanted to share them with you as the quality is truly excellent and the prices are amazing - £30 to do gels on my hands and feet is the best price when I had been paying that for just my hands in Westfield.

There is always a good vibe to the place - the only problems are you have to try not to stare at the people having their eyebrows threaded (they are AMAZING at this too) and the massage chair is a bit overzealous for my liking, but if you're tougher than I am I'm sure it is effective even if it isn't very relaxing.

Lets face it, those aren't really problems are they?

Anyway, if you live in Ealing and want your nails done - give them a go!



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  2. Thank you for the great review and we can't wait to see you in our Ealing Brach again!!!

    Please leave a comment on your website as well

    Once again Thank You Very Much!!! ;)

    Bhavi Beauty

  3. Hi Bhavi - it was a pleasure and quite a few of my readers have been to you since reading this!

  4. I have read your post. Informative and interesting which we share with you so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts. I am tiring the same best work from me in the future as well.


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