Bill's Part Deux

I know I've already done a little post on our friends Bill's on the Uxbridge Rd, but I had an especially lovely time there last night so I thought it would be rude not to share.

Also, I was accompanied by my fabulous parents who helped style some of the shots (or in my dad's case, create blurry bits at the edges of photos where his hand kept darting in to pinch something to eat!) 

Lucky for us, my Mom had suggested that we book (I don't usually bother but as I always do what my Mom says I did) and blimey was that a good idea - Bill's was RAMMED! 

They were actually turning people away which is something I've never seen before in Ealing - goodness knows what it'll be like come the Cross Rail - so we did feel rather smug wandering through to the back to one of the last tables.

We had a mezze to share to start with followed by fish pie for my Dad, salad for my Mom and chicken with salad for me. 


All very healthy I hear you say.

And it was.

Until the Pudding Menu came out.

This is where it all went a bit sugary, chocolatey, ice-creamy and everyone - all armed with a spoon - got a teensy bit competitive about who had what.

We ordered the Warm Cinnamon Doghnuts and Bill's Ice Cream - as soon as they hit the table, battle commenced!

I'm not going to lie, what follows includes a lot of doughnut photos, but they're worth it even if it is just to make you drool a little.

(food styling courtesy of my Dad)

After all that and some extra tipples, the restaurant was a lot less busy and we slightly waddled out into the night.

As always I had a wonderful time with my parents - I'm a very lucky girl!!

PS - Momma........Bonjour bebe xx


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