Paperback writer

Apologies for the most obvious post heading but it had to be done.

As it's Sunday morning, you're all probably thinking about coffee so have I got a treat for you!

Now for those of you Ealingers who have been living under a rock (or who aren't on twitter / don't like coffee / don't frequent South Ealing), we have a new coffee shop and it is gooooooooooooood!

In Ealing, we are pretty spoilt for amazing (non-chain) coffee shops* but there's always room for more and PaperBack Coffee are more than welcome.

I made a specific journey to check out their coffee and see what the hype was all about and wasn't disappointed.

Potentially controversial but a winner for those longing for quiet!

Normally I only semi believe the hype (I'm pretty gullible), but let me tell you I fell for the hype hook, line and sinker and they more than lived up to it.

I have a standard order in a new coffee shop of an Americano, but thought it would be rude not to have a pastry to go with it. My politeness was rewarded with cinnamon loveliness and the combo of this sugar induced nirvana, a bloody good coffee, the paper and some seriously chilled tunes meant I was transported to a happy place.

PaperBack has a very good vibe (did I mention they do amazing coffee?) and you can follow them on Twitter HERE 

BUT I think you really owe it to yourselves to go and see them - even if it's just to have a giggle in the loo!

PS the do tea as well but I know where my money would go

*FYI I hate chain coffee shops, so you will never see me talk about them on here!


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