Kerbisher & Malt - fish & chip heaven

Daddy or chips...............Daddy or chips.............CHIPS!!!

It's always going to be chips really isn't it? They are an institution, a British icon and the 'go to' naughty treat.

Whether you're using them to mop up too much booze or as the perfect partner to a cup of tea when you need some potato-ey comfort, it's all about the chips!

Well, that's what I thought - and then I went to Kerbisher & Malt.

At Kerbisher, it's not ALL about the chips (although they are bloody good), it's also a lot about the fish, and the mushy peas, and the curry sauce (hey, I'm from Birmingham!), and the heinz tomato ketchup (nothing else will EVER be a suitable alternative), and the bread & butter (if you're my Dad)......

The list goes on and on and on as soon as you look at the Kerbisher & Malt menu you realise there are so many more additions you can have. 

Calamari, White Bait, Pickled Onion Rings, Sweet Chilli Sauce............I'm going to stop now as I'm drooling.

Me and my partner in crime went for the classic cod  (one battered, one grilled) and chip combo with a decent selection of condiments, a craft beer and a bottle of Muscadet. Dreamy!

I will let the obligatory food pics talk for themselves, but I must say if you don't believe me then maybe you'll take the word of these people....

HESTON BLUMENTHAL......"K&M takes the very essence of a chippy and just makes it so much better"
THE TIMES......"Bringing fish & chips into the 21st Century"
SUNDAY TELEGRAPH......"I almost want to write a love poem to their chips"
EVENING STANDARD......"Delicious. A little piece of the British Seaside"
TIME OUT......"Beautifully, succulent fish encased in golden, light & crunchy batter" (5 Stars)
SQUARE MEAL......"Redefining the standards for local chippies - Bravo!"

Pretty impressive huh!

Needless to say we left pretty satisfied!!

Have any of you been to Kerbisher? Where do you think the best fish & chips are?


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