Celestial Cakes, goodies from the heavens

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Sarah from Celestial Cakes and having checked her baked lovliness out for myself at last weeks Farmers' Market I wanted to let you all know about her business in my latest reveal.

She started Celestial Cakes 4 years ago and bakes with all the good stuff, organic eggs, milk and flour as well as locally (or homegrown) veggies - with these all going into her cakes.

I had the pleasure (and boy were they pleasurable) of tasting the Beetroot Brownie and Coconut, Lime and Courgette cake - here they are for you to drool over.....

I think that last photo is my favourite and trust me when I say that cake makes your mouth water.

Coming from a big family of cake lovers (hi Dad) but not being an especially good cake baker, I'm glad Sarah found me so I could visit her whenever I'm next in need of home cooked delicacies I can pass of as my own (joke!).

I found her at the Ealing Farmers' Market, but when you go, make sure you get there nice and early (it opens at 9am) as I got there at 11ish and a lot of Sarah's goodies were being snapped up.

Sarah's business (she is based from her house, aptly named 'The Old Bakery') is one of the reasons I feel lucky to live in Ealing and I will most definitely going back.

PS Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma's out there!


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