Bimbling to the Farmers Market

I've got a really embarrassing confession to make, before last Saturday I had never been to the Ealing Farmers' Market...........

Still talking to me?

Good, then I'll tell you all about it!

We started out on a relatively sunny Saturday (Spring is being such a tease this year!) with a stroll across Ealing and through Dean Gardens, a little park that runs alongside the Uxbridge Rd with lots of blossoming trees and a seemingly popular play area.

We quickly stumbled across Leeland Rd and, oh my, were we impressed with what we found.

I'm not going to say that I'm a Farmers' Market expert, but both myself and my bimbling partner in crime were VERY impressed by the small but perfectly formed market.

I will let my pictures do the talking so you can see for yourself, but there were meats, fresh fish, cheese, fruits, raw honey, organic cakes (watch this space for a future post about Celestial Cakes), mind blowing tomatoes, bread (baked in North Acton) and lots of lovely plants (much to my PiC's delight!).

I know I've said this a few times now but we were really impressed, everyone was so friendly, all the produce came within 100 miles of M25 and quite a lot of it was local to Ealing.

To know that you're supporting independent businesses and local entrepreneurs is immensely satisfying (and to do so is immensely important!), but to be able to do this and then get the tastiest, freshest lunch I've had so far this year means everybody wins.

Ealing Farmers' market is every Saturday morning from 9am - 1pm, details on the below flyer and more info on the website here

So, it's Saturday tomorrow so why not check it out for yourself?


  1. Glad you've found this at last. What took you so long :) ! It's well worth a trip.

    1. ha ha I'm so ashamed that I've only just been!!! Will have to make up for it by going lots in the future : )


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