Amalfi Caffe, revealing Ealing's latest little gem

Like most Ealing residents I've walked up and down Mattock Lane a few times over the years, but apart from needing the practicalities of the newsagent and pharmacy or wanting some lovely fresh fruit and veg I really haven't ever seen St John's parade as anything other than a functional row of shops.

That was until last Monday.

Because last Monday, Amalfi Caffe opened.

I drove past it a few times during the week, causing mini traffic jams every morning during my commute to try and see what was going on and working out how soon I could check it out for myself. 

You see, before Amalfi opened, the site was Cafe Rosata - a spot that I'm sure was loved by some but it never turned my head (and if I'm honest looked a bit too close to the greasy end of the greasy spoon spectrum).

But Amalfi Caffe have refreshed the site a treat. The fascia is contemporary and the inside has a modern and friendly vibe.


Our first trip (of many I'm sure) was just for a coffee, but while we were there we witnessed a hungover group refueling themselves on a selection that included smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on toast, an impressive looking sausage sarnie and a full English, a young family munching on toast and pastries and an older gentleman having a tasty looking fry up. The latter asked if there were any papers to read and the main lady serving went next door to get him one!

As I said, we just had some coffees, but they were good and strong (the owners are Italian after all!) and made even better thanks to the amooooooozing jug!

You can check out the full menu on their Facebook page here but I would just go and see it for yourself.

Anyone else spotted a new or refurbed spot that should be checked out?


  1. Looks fab - will definitely be popping it in for a coffee

    1. It was really lovely Amy, I'm already planning my next trip but will make sure I get some food (the sausage sarnie looked amazing!) PS you're my first ever comment - you've made my morning : )

  2. Thanks for the tip, we'll check this out.

    1. It's worth it, even for just a coffee! Can't wait to try it out for brekkie this Sat!


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