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Limeyard Ealing, new menu & competition!

Today you're in for a treat, Limeyard Ealing have a new menu - launching today - for me to tell you about AND I have my first ever blog competition for you to go and try it for yourself!

First and foremost though, I must tell you about the night I had at Limeyard last week.

Along with some of the great and good of Ealing (note to reader - I do not consider myself to be either of those things!) I was invited along to try the new menu that Limeyard are launching today.

Having been to Limeyard a few times (more about that here) I was pretty excited as I love the people there (special shout out to geordie waitress Sam who is pretty awesome!) and the food is always good, plus I was told we'd be trying the majority of the new menu...........including new cocktails. Unsurprisingly this sealed the deal and it was a date.

We turned up to be greeted by a lot of cocktails to taste including the Smokey Joe (mezcal, triple sec, lime, grapefruit bitters & ginger beer served in a funky metal…

Limeyard Ealing

Limeyard has been up and running since late(ish) 2014 and has become a firm Revealing Ealing favourite of mine.

First and foremost they have the best breakfasts and are very accommodating to any special requests you might have. 

I took my cousin there a few weeks ago where we enjoyed the most delicious (slightly off menu) meal.

I had avocado on toast with Pico de Gallo salsa (aaahhhhhmmmaaazing!) but had poached eggs instead of the fried they suggest on the menu and Helen had a whim for a bacon sarnie which they whipped up for her without question.

I've also been to have dinner a few times with both meals (and drinks) being fresh and consistently yummy - if you go, you must try the BBQ chicken with the homemade sauce you can pour on yourself - my idea of heaven!

I'm quite excited too as last night I attended a 'Tweat-Up' there and their new menu is UNREAL!! Keep 'em peeled for more details on their new menu next week!


Revealing Ealing's first visit to a Grub Club!

Being a relatively new blogger can be a bit scary.

You put yourself out there.

Often feeling like you're putting your life out into the world with nobody listening to you.

But every now and again you get a comment on a post or a new follower on twitter who you start chatting to and you can make a new friend. One that shares your interests and passions and reminds you why you're doing it all in the first place.

Well, a few months ago, I made a new "internet fwend" in the shape or Rosie from A LITTLE LUSCIOUSNESS and she suggested I check out her Grub Club to see what it was all about.

After arriving at her house (you need to look out for the mysterious blue lantern!) we swiftly exchanged our coats for a cocktail (fair swap!) and started mingling.

I brought my lovely friend Amanda along for the experience and we were both soon chatting to the other diners before taking our seats for the meal.

The premise behind the menu was 'nose to tail' so we kicked off with Chicken…

Revealing Ealing's first 'Eat Me Drink Me Sunday'

Eat Me Drink Me, the creators of Ealing's first Friday Street Food offering (more about that HERE!) are doing it again by bringing the hungry people of Ealing 'Eat Me Drink Me Sunday'.

Starting TODAY, you can pootle out of bed, pull on your Sunday best (mine tend to consist of leggings, trainers and a big hoodie rather than a smart dress and hat) and make your way to Ealing Town Hall where you will find the first ever Eat Me Drink Me Sunday.

Personally I am planning to go with an empty stomach because there will be a lot of things you want to eat! 

Currently I have my eye on Mamas Jerk Station (take that Turtle Bay!), Margo & Ritas with their Mexican offering, finished off with churros from Churros Garcia.

Once suitably stuffed I am then planning on checking out some of my local favourites including Hook & Cleaver to get some meat for the week ahead and visit Mags Petite Fleur to buy some beautiful blooms.

Does that sound like a perfect Sunday or what?

Let me know how yo…

Kew Prints

Mr Rev & I are getting married at Kew Gardens this year and we went into their art gallery at Cambridge Cottage to have a mooch and work out where to put the DJ.

While I was there I took some pics of their fabulous prints - one of which sits in my kitchen thanks to my future sister-in-law and her husband!

Anyway, they are beautiful and give a little glimpse into the past, so I thought you might enjoy them


Street Food comes to Ealing Broadway TODAY!!

Today is a big day for Ealing

After the launch of cool cocktail joints, the opening of restaurants normally found in Soho and the second summer of the roof top cinema, we've finally got the last piece of the 'Ealing is bloody cool actually' puzzle.

We have STREET FOOD!!!

Launching today is Eat Me Drink Me - a weekly street food festival hosted in our very own Ealing Broadway shopping centre which will see an array of food trucks serving delicious things usually only found East of the city.

Eat Me Drink Me are a collective of food, drink and event experts and I spoke to the lovely Kate McKenzie (mega article about her here) who is part of the collective and a fellow Ealing resident.

She told me all about the line up we've got to look forward to including Pulled - delish pulled meats - Grilled cheese (umm think you can work that one out for yourselves), Route 66 (Mexican, ariba!), The Joint (a favourite of Tom Kerridge) and Korrito (named a top 10 food truck by C N Traveller