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Ealing Pizza Party with Firezza

Happy Thursday everyone!
If, like me, you get to Thursday and think it's pretty much the weekend and time to let go of the ryvita, then have I got a treat for you.
As a special summer gift for the people of Ealing, Firezza have introduced the Naples6 Summer Menu - it's exclusive to Ealing (lucky us!) & the East Village branches (East? *shudders*) and means you can have yummy pizzas like this one from £6.
As a massive pizza head and an existing Firezza customer, I was very happy to test this new offer out and - while they're not classed the same as the Santa Marias of this world - Firezza can certainly hold it's own with quality toppings and beautiful crispy bases.
Mr Rev and I often get a delivery when we have friends over, as a few of the 1/2m boxes are a perfect way to keep guests happy without doing any catering #winning
So, with the sun still shining on our beautiful bit of London, what better way to celebrate than with your own pizza party in the garden? 

Even the c…

ABBOTSHILL - Ealing's newest wine bar

Last night I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to enjoy the newest drinking (and nibbling) establishment in Ealing, Abbotshill Wine Bar & Deli.

The bar (which is opening today!!) is a gorgeously friendly and stylish bar / deli at 20 St Mary's Rd run by Suzy & Tom. 

This lovely couple have quite different backgrounds (being a food photographer & plumber respectively), but are obviously united in their passion for exclusive, but familiar, wines; cheese that is to die for, exceptional deli meats and handmade truffles.

So, we're pretty lucky that they met and decided to open up this new spot for us all to enjoy.

Even though today is their first, I believe they already have bookings (you can make reservations by contacting Suzy - here is THEIR WEBSITE & here is THEIR TWITTER) and I really hope that as a community we get behind them.

I know that Mr Rev and I will be paying them a visit over the weekend & I hope you all do the same.

Charlotte x